Alternativna televizija (ATV)

  • Seventeen years in business and over 110 employees
  • One of the leading broadcasters in the Republic of Srpska and the first in the Banja Luka region
  • The first commercial broadcaster to build own TV home
  • ATV broadcasts 24 hours a day, 30% of programming is ATV produced, which includes the best rated and most influential news and current affairs shows
  • Terrestrial coverage with 1,5 million people in BH and neighboring countries: the Republic of Srpska, north-west of Federation BH, border areas in Croatia and Serbia

ATV can be seen also on IPTV (m:tel and BH Telecom), cable operators, satellite (Total TV) and internet (Bosnia TV).

ATV Banja Luka has a lot of expirience in producing multimedia and broadcasting. Thus the role of ATV in this project will be to transfer knowledge and expirience to higher education institutions staff and students. ATV will help in designing the new curricula in the field of digital broadcasting according to the needs in labour market.