JP Emisiona tehnika i veze (JPETV)

Key activities of “JP Emisiona tehnika i veze” is broadcasting media network service. Publicc Enterprice Broadcast Network Operator JP ETV, with more then 90 years of radio and more than 50 years of television expirience, provides national TV and radio broadcasting sevices in Serbia for public broadcast services (radio Television of Serbia) and national commercial broadcast service, as well as for most regional and local TV and radio station, with more than 500 transmitters and transposers. JP ETV also has a large expirience in radio transmission especially in analogue ultra short wave (FM), short wave (SW) and medium wave (MW). Main company activities are: Ensuring the operational readiness of broadcast facilities, Relay and transmission of radio and TV programs – public services and national commercial broadcasters, Relay and transmission of radio and TV programs – regional and local broadcasters, Network management capabilities in systems for distribution of broadcast and other telecommunications signals, Providing services to telecommunications operators, Providing services to internet service provider, Planning, building and maintaining of radio and telecommunication equipment.

Human resources: 250 employees, more trhen 40% with universuty degrees.

Emisiona Tehnika i Veze (JP ETV) is the national broadcasting operator of the Republic of Serbia. ETV’s core business is wireless telecommunications, and the main task is planning, building and maintenance of transmission infrastructure on the territory of Republic of Serbia, providing radio and television broadcasting services to the home radio and TV receivers. Today, ETV operates more than 250 transmission sites.

JP ETV was founded by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia,inter alia, to complete the transition proces from analogue to digital transmision. For that purposes, JP ETV establish digital terestrial network for free multiplex, based on DVB-T2 system as standard for digital broadcasting and MPEG-4 version 10 (H.264/AVC) as compression standard, which consists of 208 transmitting location for first multiplex and 89 transmitting sites for second and third mux, and which covering more than 95% of population in each allotment zone for the first MUX, and more than 90% of population in the other two multiplex.

JPETV is TV and Radio broadcasting company that has a lot of expirience in the process of digitising of public TV and Radio services in Serbia. Because we are now facing with the problems in the obtaining the new technologies in digital broadcasting and solving them, we are ready to share the expirience with the new generation of students on new master study programme. Our young experts will also have ability to perform students' intership in our company.