Project goal

The project goal is implementation of the modern master study programme that enable education of the specialists in the field of Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technology which study profile is in line with the needs of labour market and upcoming transfer from Analogue to Digital Broadcasting in regional partner countries.

The graduated students would be capable to apply acquired knowledge in the business in order to speed up digitising of broadcast services. Graduated students will also be capable to implement and maintain modern and improve existing Broadcast and Broadband Communication Systems.

In this way, the long-term sustainability would be achieved. In order to students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to be immediately applied in the business, the laboratory with appropriate hardware and software equipment for analysis and design of broadcasting and broadband systems with digital multimedia HDTV studio and environment for implementation of digital services would be created.

The education of the experts would improve existing state in the area of digital technologies (particularly in digitising of Radio and TV and improving of multimedia broadband services) in WB countries in accordance with the principles of EU best practice. The mentioned project objectives would have positive impact on the current situation in the field of digital communications technologies in Kosovo*, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia through the mandatory digitisation of broadcast services according to standards established by competent international organizations and adopted also by the EU. The development of digital communications technologies would be followed by activation of other business entities in the Western Balkans.

The activities graduated students will be able to do are: development of the multimedia applications on smart phones and tablets, applications for smart TV, modelling of IP and wireless networks and wave propagation, etc.