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Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technologies


Based on the fact that there is a lack of experts in the area of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Western Balkan countries, especially in broadcast and broadband technologies.


Implementation of the modern master study programme that enable education of the specialists in the field of Digital Broadcasting and Broadband Technology.


Education of specialists (experts) needed to be involved in the process of transfer of analogue to digital broadcasting, maintenance of digital systems and introducing of new broadcasting and broadband technologies.


Below you may find the course lists for each of the DBBT project institutions


Electives Courses – Semester 1:   5 out of 8

Electives Courses – Semester 2:   1 out of 2

Active Teaching in Week:

L – Lectures

LE – Laboratory Exercises

SR – Study Research

Weeks in Semester: 15


Latest News

Timesheet MVein Timesheet MV Timesheet VM Timesheet MS Timesheet MMJ Timesheet 2 MVein Timesheet 2 MMJ

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12th meeting via Skype

Attendance list: 03_DBBT_QB_Annex_C_attendance-list-PMC-Skype-meeting (2) Minutes of the SC meeting: Minutes-of-SC-Meeting-SkypeMeeting-060918-v2

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11th meeting in Bihac

Meeting agenda: Agenda-DBBT_UNBI_JULY_2018 Attendance list: Attendance list DBBT Bihać Minutes of the meeting with supporting documents: Minutes-of-Project-Meeting-Bihać – ENG Minutes of PMC meeting: Minutes-of-PMC-Bihac ENG Minutes of SC meeting: Minutes of Steering Committe meeting in Bihac Presentations on project progress: Progress report [HTPSZ] Progress report [UPKM] Progress report [SINGI] Progress report [UNBI] Progress report [UNIBL]

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10th meeting via Skype

Meeting agenda: Agenda DBBT_Skype_May_2018   Attendance list: 03_DBBT_QB_Annex_C_attendance-list-PMC Skype meeting Minutes of the PMC meeting: Minutes-of-PMC-Project-Meeting-SkypeMeeing_v1.0-SIL  

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9th meeting in Banja Luka

Meeting agenda: Agenda-DBBT_UBL_APR_2018 fin   Attendance list: Attendance list Minutes of the meeting with supporting documents: Minutes of Project Meeting Banja Luka v2 SIL Presentations on project progress: Progress report [UBL] Progress report [UPKM] Progress report [VISER] Progress report [SINGI] Progress report [HTPSZ] Minutes of the QB meeting: Minutes-of-Quality-Board-meeting-Banja Luka HTPSZ_Presentation QB- WP activities and

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8th meeting in UPM

Meeting agenda: Agenda DBBT_UPM_Dec_2017 Attendance list from the meeting: PMC_meeting_Madrid_Attendance_list Minutes of the meeting with supporting documents: Minutes of PMC Project Meeting Madrid2_v1.5 SIL Presentations: DBBT_PMC_meeting-Workplan      

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7th meeting at University of Tartu

Meeting agenda: Agenda DBBTTartu Attendance list from the meeting: Attendance list Presentations from the meeting: Progress report [UPKM] Progress report [VISER] Progress report [HTPSZ] Progress report [SINGI] Progress report [UNBI] Progress report [UNIBL] Minutes of the meetings with supporting documents: Minutes of Project Meeting Tartu Minutes-of-Quality-Board-meeting-Tartu HTPSZ_Presentation QB Tartu Minutes of PMC Meeting Tartu Minutes

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Sixth meeting at Singidunum University

Meeting agenda: Agenda DBBT_SU_MAY_2017_MM Minutes of the meetings: Minutes-of-Project-Meeting-Singidunum-v1 Minutes-of-QB-Meeting-SU Minutes-of-PMC-Meeting-SU Presentations from the meeting: HTPSZ_Presentation accreditation, equipment, financies BGD-Sing. HTPSZ_Presentation QB UNIBL Presentation – Belgrade DBBT_Singidunum_maj_2017_progress_report_new_v VISER_DBBT_Singidunum_maj_2017_progress_report_new_v Erasmus+ – DBBT Project, Avala 23.05.2017.ерасмус-dbbt-пројектни-тим-на-авали/ Attendance list from the meeting: Attendance_list_Singi2017

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Fifth meeting in Ostrava

Meeting Agenda Ostrava Attendance list Ostrava Minutes of Project Meeting Ostrava v1 SIL Minutes of PMC Meeting Ostrava DBBT – UPKM Ostrava DBBT_Meeting_OSTRAVA_Voznak DBBT_Ostrava_mar_2017_progress_report_VISER Finance_Voznak Financial midterm reporting UL march 2017 HTPSZ_Prezentacija,-Purchase of equipment , Ostrava CZ Progres report presentation HTPSZ Ostrava v1 Singidunum University Report UNBI-TFB accreditation status UNIBL – Ostrava

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Fourth meeting in Ljubljana

Attendance list 17.01.2017 Attendance list 18.01.2017 Host instituion presentation and welcome-Ljubljana Agenda DBBT_UL_JAN_2017v2 DBBT – FTN Ljubljana HTPSZ_Prezentacija UL_Ljubljana WP3and4_report_VOZNAK_2017_rev2 Interfaces interactions and Ux template v1a 01[UM]_KLABS_DBBT_meeting LJUBLJANA_17-18-1-2017_QUALITY MANUAL Minutes of Project Meeting Ljubljana-meeting v3 SIL Minutes of Project Meeting Ljubljana-PMC meeting v3 SIL Minutes of Project Meeting Ljubljana-steering committe meeting v3 SIL Minutes of

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Third project meeting at UPM

  Minutes of Project Management Committe meeting no 3 v1 Minutes of Steering Committe meeting no 1 v1 Minutes of the project meeting no 3.1 v1     Presentations: PMC_meeting_Madrid Quality strategy Madrid (DBBT)vf SINGI – OPrema aktuelno UNILJ presentation Madrid WP1 VISER anketa Master AVT VISER DBBT_Madrid_spet_2016_curriculum VISER DBBT-MeetingMD-equipmentVISER-AZ VSB-TUO WP3_VOZNAK DBBT – FTN

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Second meeting of DBBT project

            Presentations:   Alma – UNBI-TFB plan DBBT   HTPSZ Prezentacija postojećeg st.programa_1   DBBT VISER   DBBT_proposal_VISER   DBBT-MeetingBG-equipment-AZ   ELITE_VISER   Proposed Courses   SonjaAVT Curricula   UNI LJ suggestions for Master studies   UPM   Voznak_meeting_May2016   UNI BL 23052016   StudyProgram   DBBT_Administrative issues   DBBT_PMC_meeting-Workplan

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Kick-off meeting of the project has held in Kosovska Mitrovica on 2nd and 3rd March 2016.

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Kick-off meeting of the project has held in Kosovska Mitrovica on 2nd and 3rd March 2016. The following documents are related to the meeting.               ATV JP ETV   Singidunum University   UNBI Bihac   UNI Banja Luka   UNI Ljubljana   Universidad Politecnica de Madrid UPM   University

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The next project meeting will be held in Belgrade (VISER) on March 18th and 19th 2019.


Program Partners

The University of LJubljana - LTFE team has extensive experience in development and deployment of interactive multimedia applications on a number of interactive platforms (iOS, Android, smart TV (HBBTV) and DVB-T broadcasting.

Digital Multimedia

Superior Technical School of Telecommunication at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid has extensive teaching and research facilities in courses on digital television, handling multimedia information as well as TV and HDTV signals.


University of Tartu has a lot of experience in digital image and signal processing that proves with a number of scientific papers and the knowledge that can be used in this project especially in the area of efficient transmission of the signal.


Technical University of Ostrava - Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is able to contribute in direction of the balanced education both theoretical and practical in field of radio communications (DVB-T, PXI or USRP).

Digital Broadcasting