TV Mreža was established in 2009 in Priština and consists of the following:

  1. TV Mir /Peace/ in Leposavić
  2. TV Most /Bridge/ in Zvečan
  3. TV Puls /Pulse/ in Šilovo, Gjilan/Gnjilane municipality
  4. TV Herc /Hertz/ in Štrpce (regional TV station broadcasting program for viewers in the East, Central and North Kosovo),
  5. New Press Production in Čaglavica

All partners of the TV Mreža are in possession of regular licenses for their work issued by the Independent Media Commission in Priština. Programs of the TV Mreža are available for viewing to most members of the Serb ethnicity communities in Kosovo and other citizens using Serbian language.  It is estimated that all members of the TV Mreža together cover more than 80 % of the territory of Kosovo. This includes North Kosovo, where nationally broadcast TV stations  have not gained access yet. TV Mreža is "en course" to developing  its own and unique TV program, branded as “independent TV Mreža program.”

As an association of 5 TV stations and independent production, the role of TV Mreža is to contribute in designing of new curricula. TV Mreža as the future employer of the students of this profile will gain because high educated human resources will contribute to the process of digitisation that has just began in Kosovo. TV Mreža will have crucial consulting role in proposing the areas in which we do have most needs for better experinced and educated staff members. Also, our company is open for the students' intership.