University of Ljubljana (UL)

Based on its rich tradition and academic excellence, the University of Ljubljana practices basic, applied and development research in science, arts and interdisciplinary fields, resulting in outstanding worldwide-known academic achievements and world-class research of both

students and University staff. Specifically, the University is committed to highly-focused basic and applied research sciences in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Telecommunications, Computer and Information Science and Multimedia.

Laboratory for Telecommunications (LTFE) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (UL) is a propulsive research team with more than 40 employees and an impressive base of external associates and industrial partners. The laboratory is highly committed to the research, development pilot integration and trials in areas of multimedia applications development on all platforms, multimedia production and broadcasting of audio-visual content, Digital TV applications and services, ICT-based healthcare applications and services, Internet of Things (IoT), and User-Centred Design and Human-Computer Interaction.

It has considerable experience with research programs and projects of the European

Commission (FP7, FI-PPP, CIP) and other national and international funding bodies (SEE, Tempus, Erasmus+, PHARE, COST, IFIP, IEICE, RIPE NCC, Ministry of Defence, Slovenian Technology Agency, etc.).

The results of their work and research are published in highly ranked SCI journals and protected with patents, and embodied in several industrial solutions and applications.

The Laboratory for Telecommunications has close relations to telecommunications industry,

which includes vendors, service providers, content providers and network operators. Current research and/or development projects conducted in collaboration with the industry include fields of interactive digital TV (HBBTV), interactive multimedia applications on smart phones and tablets,  IP and wireless networks, NGN / IMS services and architectures, e-learning, fixed-to-mobile applications, and broadband access networks. Recent development achievements include implementation of the first HBBTV DVB-T application in Slovenia, implementation of a smart Phone+tablet application for Live TV and radio, design and implementation of a  VoIP solution on smart phones,   pilot satellite toll-collection system implementation, which included design of overall architecture, a mobile unit and data control center information processing system, design and implementation of a products and software equipment to support intelligent environment.

Capacity building:

–   training (lectures and workshop) from the field of digital TV, covering the following topics:

  • Digital TV applications overview
  • Interactive TV standards and Application execution environments
  • Development of smart TV apps
  • Application delivery over Internet
  • Application delivery over DVB-T
  • Home connectivity of user devices with smartTVs

–   training (lectures and workshop) from the field of interactive multimedia technologies, covering the following topics:

  • Display technologies
  • 3D display technologies
  • Formats of multimedia content
  • Interfaces for transmition of AV signals
  • User centered design for effective user experience
  • Evaluation of user interfaces
  • Interaction modalities