Work package 1 documents – Deliverables

D1.1 Analysis of master study programmes in EU countries     

01_DBBT_CQA Manual_Annex_A_Deliverable 1 1-v2 2_final

ANNEX: an analysis of EU study programmes

1 – EU universities Master programs Analysis


D1.2 Analysis of postgraduate study programmes in WB countries

  01_DBBT_CQA Manual_Annex_A_Deliverable 1.2_v2


D1.3 A comparative analysis of study programmes in EU and  WB countries

01_DBBT_CQA Manual_Annex_A_Deliverable 1.3 v3


D1.4 First study visit UPM Madrid (September 2016)

01_Study Visit Report Madrid_1.4


01_ETSI Telecomunicación_1.4


D1.4 Second study visit at UL FE Ljubljana (January 2017)

01_ study visits Ljubljana jan 2017 (2)


D1.4 Third study visit at VŠB-TUO Ostrava (March 2017)

01_Study Visit Ostrava 3.2017 v4


D1.4 Fourth study visit at UT Tartu (September 2017)

01_Study Visit Report Tartu 1.4


D1.5 Consulting with the business partners

The consolidated report on consulting with business partners regarding implementations of study programmes

01_DBBT_Industry meetings consolidated report_Deliverable 1.5_v2

Individual meeting notes

Meeting No.1  (22.3.2016)

Meeting minutes JP ETV (1)

Annex 1a – JPETV (1)

Annex 1b- JP ETV (1)

Annex 2- JP ETV (1)


Meeting No.2 (17.6.2016)

Meeting minutes JP ETV – Singidunum


Meeting No3. (13.5.2016)

TV Herc Zvecan meeting minutes

Cooperation agreement with TV stations – Zvecan

TV Herc -Zvecan agreement


Meeting No4. (16.5.2016)

Attendance list 16.5.2016 – UNI BL

Meeting Minutes 16.5.2016 – UNI BL


Meeting No5. (15.7.2016)

izvjestaj DBBT UNBI


Meeting No6. (26.10.2016)

Attendance list 26.10.2016 – UNI BL

Meeting Minutes 26.10.2016 – UNI BL


Meeting No7. (2.6.2016)

Attendance list 2.6.2016 – UNI BL

Meeting Minutes 02.06.2016 – UNI BL


Meeting No8. (14.9.2016)

Attendance list 14.9.2016 – UNI BL

Meeting Minutes 14.09.2016 – UNI BL


Meeting No9. (7.10.2016)

Attendance list 07.10.2016 – UNI BL

Meeting Minutes 07.10.2016 – UNI BL


Meeting No10. (4.11.2016)

DBBT_round_table_attendance_list_ETF 04.11.2016 – UNI BL

Meeting Minutes 04.11.2016 – UNI BL

Agenda DBBT Round Table – UNI BL



D1.6 Teachers' training at UPM Madrid

01_teacher's trainng Report Ljubljana

01_Latest developments in the field of digital TV_D1.6


D1.6 Teachers' training at UL FE Ljubljana

Interfaces interactions and Ux template v1a

01_ study visits Ljubljana jan 2017 (2)


D1.6 Teachers' training at VŠB-TUO Ostrava

01_Teachers Training Report Ostrava_rev2

DBBT teachers training Ostrava 2

DBBT teachers training Ostrava 1


D1.6 Teachers' training at UT Tartu

01_Teachers Training Report Tartu-2

DBBT Teacher training Tartu 1

DBBT Teacher training Tartu 2