Work package 6 documents and Deliverables

Quality Strategy Plan:

Quality Strategy Plan (PDF)

Annexes of the strategy (WP 6.2):

01_DBBT_QB_Annex_A_word document template (DOC)

02_DBBT_QB_Annex_B_power point template (PPT)

03_DBBT_QB_Annex_C_attendance list template (DOC)

04_DBBT_QB_Annex_D_Evaluation form (DOC)

05_DBBT_QB_Annex_E_report form (DOC)

06_DBBT_QB_Annex_F_Work progress report (DOC)

07_DBBT_QB_Annex_G_ review of deliverable (DOC)

08_DBBT_QB_Annex_H_ risk monitoring sheet (DOC)

09_DBBT_QB_Annex_I_ list of deliverables (XLS)

10_DBBT_QB_Annex_J_Budget changes form (DOC)

11_DBBT-QB_Annex_K_News form (DOC)


Internal quality control of proposed study programmes:




Internal quality control of produced deliverables:

WP6 – Report on internal evaluation of produced deliverables with recomendations_as of June 2016